Posted: ເດືອນກຸມພາ 5, 2008 in marriage
Posted in: love in osfadli’s Blog

1. Needing to discuss the relationship
all the time. Can’t women just go
with the flow?

2. Shopping!!! Don’t go into 10
different shops just to get the cheapest
version of what you want!

3. Spending hours in front the mirror,
and yet nothing is perfect!

4. Fashion follower – sometimes the
fashion trend doesn’t suit her, but you
can’t talk her out of it!

5. Eagle-eyed. Woman notice the minutest
most insignificant detail and criticise
people for it!

6. Jealously. It is really difficult to
love a woman who is jealous all the time.

7. Clingers-on. After falling in love,
women get clingy and needy all the time.

8. Testing men. Women just love to test
men into doing all sorts of ridiculous
things just to prove how much he loves her.

9. Crying on every single little thing.

10. Think they’re better than you.
Pretending to be more of what they are
and telling you how to improve yourself.

11. Incessant non-stop talking. Women
think they have all the answer to
everything and want to rationalize

12. Treating men as emotional support.
Get a grip woman, don’t cry on my
shoulder all the time. Solve some of
your own problems.

  1. phetmanivone ເວົ້າວ່າ:

    ຫາກະຮູ້ ອ້າຍ pnomsin ຕົກຂ່າວຄືກັນ hehehehehehe


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